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The Simple Life of Yash Johar: Insights from Karan Johar

Director and producer Karan Johar has openly revealed that his father led a very simple life despite being a famous director in Bollywood. Karan spoke about his father during this week’s episode of Koffee With Karan hosted by stars Vicky Kaushal and Kiara Advani.

In 2001, Karan said, “I suddenly decided I wanted to be an artist for no reason.” As part of that, Karan remembered what his father had told him when he tried to buy an expensive painting.

“Not that I didn’t know anything at the time. At that time I knew that Raza was a great artist. Raza was a big brand at that time. My father was a very simple man and I asked him for 5 lakh rupees to buy a work of art from Raza. “Rs 5 lakhs? Is there a painting worth Rs 5 lakhs?” asked. I described the artwork. I don’t want to say exactly what my father said that day, it was in Punjabi. ‘Yeh toh setting wale bhi kar skate hai, iske maine 5 lakh kew diye (even the set designers could have made it, why did I pay 5 lakhs for it)?”

Yash Johar started Dharma production in 1976. Amitabh Bachchan starrer Dostana was the first film produced by Dharma Productions. Dharma production has produced almost 45 films so far. Yash Johar passed away in 2004. Today, Karan is looking after Dharma Productions.

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