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The silence of water 2, previews of the second episode 4 December 2020

Stefano Pesce and Giorgio Pasotti / The silence of the water (Photo Press Office)

Advances second episode of the fiction The silence of the water 2, on air Friday 4th December 2020 prime time on Channel 5:

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Luisa and Andrea come to discover that it was Katja who paid Rocco; in fact the two were lovers and the mysterious owner of the resort had made Sara discover their story. At Andrea’s suggestion, Roberta can do nothing but reveal to her son Matteo that Elio wanted to be his father but the woman – judging him unreliable – had sent him away.

At the funeral of Sara and Luca, a Beatrice tormented by grief also shows up and, immediately afterwards, she reveals to Andrea and Luisa that she knew that Rocco had a weapon he kept at home. In fact, Giulia also confirms to Luisa that her brother Luca had a gun.

Elio gets from Matteo to be able to recognize him as a father. The good moment is also celebrated with Roberta in Slovenia, at Elio’s home. Meanwhile, however, the investigations into Luca reveal that the boy was a smuggler and that his mother was also involved.

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