The Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra will maintain a large-scale movie concert in Chengdu to carry out dozens of vintage film songs_The audience_Artwork_Pink Detachment of Gals

Primary title: The Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra will keep a huge-scale movie live performance in Chengdu to accomplish dozens of common film music

Include reporter Xu Yuyang

In 1956 the Shanghai Movie Orchestra was started, which designed important contributions to the growth of Chinese films. The names of the more mature generation of conductors this kind of as Huang Yijun, Chen Chuanxi and Wang Yongji are well acknowledged to the general public via the interpretation of film songs. Right after a number of professional reforms and legacies, the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra was launched in 2004 and has promptly developed to develop into a effectively-regarded symphony orchestra at dwelling and overseas. It can be mentioned that the orchestra has experienced a profound cinematic gene due to the fact its inception.

Functionality by the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra

The reporter figured out that from August 26 to 27, the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra will arrive to Chengdu for the 1st time to hold a large-scale classical movie live performance, doing dozens of common film items on the place. The directors Fanny and Li Xilin will carry out the songs together, the assembly.

The two concert events held this time are generally centered on classical film repertoires. Hundreds of artists will carry out popular songs and golden tunes from distinct periods, a variety of themes and kinds for the viewers of Chengdu. Which includes the orchestral overture “Ode to the Pink Flag”, the symphonic poem “Railway Guerrilla”, the capriccio “Bethune in Jinchaji”, the ballet “Crimson Detachment of Ladies” excerpts, the string ensemble “Sacrifice” and so on. Road.

It is reported that the overture to “The Settlement” composed by composer Gong Tianpeng will also be carried out in this concert. The theme of the work is “The Settlement”. From the standpoint of up to date youth, it narrates the scene of the beginning of the Chinese Communist Bash in Shanghai in 1921. The art director advised reporters that the film’s soundtrack offered in the live performance will exhibit the struggle of the Chinese Communist Party in basic musical language. and it will express the idea of ​​patriotism in a massive narrative angle. the superb years, inheriting the vintage reds.

Considering that 2005, the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra has collaborated with a lot of world famed musicians and terrific inventive groups, like Yo-Yo Ma, Jesse Norman, Jacques Teddy, the Royal Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet, etcetera.Again to Sohu, see far more


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