The Russian national team star was taken away on a gurney after a terrible fall. It’s painful to watch! Video

Sergei Karasev’s injury looked scary.

Basketball is a contact game, and it is not without violent collisions. Unfortunately, in some cases they can lead to dire consequences. This happened in the match between CSKA and Zenit in the VTB United League – one of the main stars of Russian basketball was taken from the court on a gurney.

Watching the episode even on repeat is scary.

Falling from height

In the central match of the game day, CSKA and Zenit met. Both teams are in the top three, and the army team has suffered only one defeat since the beginning of the season. The St. Petersburgers hoped to upset the Muscovites on someone else’s floor.

The episode in question occurred in the final quarter, six minutes before the end of the game. CSKA, which led with a score of 74:70, successfully defended itself and then launched a quick counterattack. Zenit basketball player Sergei Karasev tried to interrupt her, who harshly met Samson Ruzhentsev under his ring. Reflecting the attack, the defender collided with his opponent and fell on his lower back from the height of his height.

The game was suspended and doctors rushed onto the court. Karasev was lying on his stomach and had difficulty moving. Having assessed the situation, Zenit club doctors called an ambulance. The basketball player was turned over on his back, placed on a medical gurney and taken away from the arena.

The incident shocked the stands of the Megasport sports palace. Even CSKA fans applauded the injured basketball player.

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Severe back pain

It is still unknown how severe Karasev’s injury is. Falling from a great height onto your back can lead to a variety of consequences, including extremely unpleasant ones.

For now, all we know is that Karasev went to the hospital. The diagnosis will be made soon. Zenit head coach Javier Pascual said at the post-match press conference that Sergei was experiencing severe back pain.

CSKA also expressed words of support for the basketball player.

— We wish Sergei Karasev health and a speedy return to the site! – this message appeared on the official social networks of the Moscow club.

Account in the background

Now basketball fans from all over Russia are waiting for news from the Zenit camp. And this is not just like that. Sergei Karasev is a legend of Russian basketball with experience playing in the NBA. With the Russian team, he became a bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympics in London. Sergei has spent his last years at home in St. Petersburg, becoming the leader of Zenit. There are few such players in Russia, so special attention is focused on them.

Sergey Karasev / Photo: © Dmitry Chelyapin / Match TV

If we talk about the result of the match, then Zenit managed to send the game into overtime (82:82), but there the advantage was entirely on the side of CSKA – 104:89. However, the final score faded into the background. Now all thoughts are only about Sergei Karasev and his health.

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VTB United League. Regular season

CSKA (Moscow) – Zenit (St. Petersburg) – 104:89 (26:21, 20:23, 21:17, 15:18 FROM 22:7)

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