The Riojan Government recovers the progressive free provision of textbooks and increases the offer of VET

325.5 million euros will be dedicated to Education (4.5 percent of budgets)


Education will “resume” in the next academic year, 2021-2022, the progressive free provision of textbooks at the point where it was left; The free stage from zero to three years will culminate and the offer of Vocational Training will increase.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Pedro Uruñuela; and the general directors of Educational Management, Emilio Izquierdo, Educational Innovation, Alberto Abad, and Integrated FP, Félix Alonso, have analyzed today, at a press conference, the Budgets of La Rioja in matters of Education.

Uruñuela has highlighted that the global budget for counseling grows 21.77 percent and only in Education 325.5 million euros will be dedicated (4.5 percent of the budgets).

The objectives, he said, are “to improve the excellence of our students, to develop all their capacities and all the necessary skills to live the 21st century; and that no one is left behind, under the principle of inclusion.”

The general director of Educational Management, Emilio Izquierdo, has pointed out that the teaching staff is an “essential protagonist” as outstanding bets of the budget and has marked a reduction in ratios as well as the teachers’ hours.

The reduction of ratios, which will affect both public schools and private-concerted schools, will be twenty students in Infant. In addition, the school day for Infant and Primary teachers will be set at 24 hours, keeping the Secondary at eighteen.

Regarding infrastructures, he has highlighted interventions in the Colegio de Casalarreina; the extension of the Villamediana; the energy adaptation of the IES D * Elhuyar; and the restoration of the IES Sagasta. FREE FROM ZERO TO THREE YEARS

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“In the line of advancing with educational equity” has indicated how the budgets include the gratuity of the first cycle of Early Childhood Education (from zero to three years) and resume the gratuity of textbooks “at the point where it had been left”.

Specifically, in terms of free from zero to three years, in the next academic year, 2021-2022, the child voucher will be extended to the first year, in municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants, which would close the process.

The general director of Integrated Vocational Training, Félix Alonso, has indicated as a “strategic line” that the Vocational Training budget “must be a turning point for a modern, digital and bilingual VET”.

He pointed out that an increase in the supply of commerce, electricity, the health sector, socio-cultural services and tourism is expected. As a novelty, it has pointed out the double cycles, specialization courses (such as a Master of Professional Training); and a “clear commitment” to basic vocational training as well as the commitment to bilingualism as a “key element for employability”.

The general deputy director of Educational Innovation, for his part, has reported that, for the attention to diversity, an Inclusion Decree will be carried out and the Coexistence Decree will be modified, in addition to “fostering all kinds of relationships with families and entities “.

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