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Königheim.Since due to the coronavirus pandemic, the honoring of deserving blood donors cannot currently take place as part of a public municipal council meeting, the municipal administration has sent the award certificates and badges of honor from the German Red Cross together with a small thank you gift from the community to those who are to be honored.

With a view to the voluntary work of the donors, the community leaders emphasize the importance and necessity of donating blood, especially now in Corona times. The hospitals are still dependent on blood donations and it would be fatal if these did not materialize due to the current corona crisis.

In Germany around 15,000 blood donations are needed every day, and blood is still the most important emergency medicine. Donor blood is urgently needed in many operations and after many accidents and is still irreplaceable. All donors can help other people effectively and give them new courage to live. Because if there is a lack of blood, only a blood donation can save lives, the community leaders emphasize.

Everyone who donates blood therefore helps to ensure that accident victims are cared for and that the seriously ill are treated successfully.

The following citizens received the corresponding blood donor badge in gold for ten blood donations: Florian Greulich (Königheim), Christoph Haberkorn (Gissigheim), Magdalena Merkel (Königheim) and Benedikt Rapp (Gissigheim).

For 50 blood donations, Thomas Withopf from Pülfringen was awarded the gold pin of honor with a golden oak wreath and an engraved number of donations.

The gold pin of honor with a gold oak wreath and an engraved number of donations went to Dieter Zimmermann from Gissigheim for 75 blood donations.

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