The return of the king of sci-fi horror, the gameplay of “Dead Space”.

Through the remake, more realistic sounds, graphics and visual effects, etc. Dead space. EA, which for about a year has been hiding the actual gameplay in various real-time broadcasts, has unveiled the aspect of Dead Space that users will encounter in person with the official trailer.

● The video contains brutal content. Pay attention to your vision.

EA released the official trailer for the Dead Space remake on 5 at Korean time and players have brought back the gameplay.

This video portrays various events, encounters and battles with enemies against the backdrop of the USG Ishimura, the stage of the game with Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of the series. Necromorphs, a unique monster in the series, and limb amputation elements using plasma cutters can also be seen. On top of that, the improved direction and glare through the Frostbite engine used in the remake also draws the game more three-dimensional.

In particular, the red marker was also captured in the video, which can be said to be the focus of the world view, with an impressive appearance.

Dead Space, developed by Secret Games, first met its users in 2008. Resident Evil 4 introduced the fixed shoulder point of view that impressed gamers of the time and the game involved fear of enemies that they were suddenly approaching from behind. Additionally, it provided various information that naturally integrates with the game in a character-centered view and was well received in the UI part.

In particular, it left a deep impression on fans as it contained elements of a distant future, a universe with no where to seek help, bizarre monsters, and the heterogeneous horror elements of an enclosed space and cosmic existence. Since then, Dead Space has become one of EA’s flagship franchises by expanding its IP into various fields such as side stories, mobile games, animations, novels and comics along with numbering series.

However, after Dead Space 3, which emphasized popularity, achieved unsatisfactory results, the game stopped for a long time.

EA, which had been focusing on live service games for a while, turned back to singleplayer after “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” performed more than expected, which soon led to a remake of Dead Space.

Subsequently, EA, which first revealed the fact of the remake through the EA Play Live game showcase in July 2021, has since split the official live stream, taking developers in every field from the gaming environment to the graphics, to effects, character modeling, lighting, and art direction to the studios We have constantly prepared a place to call and present in detail.

When the detailed development process and intentions were revealed, the remake’s ongoing gameplay captures images and brief movements of the characters were revealed multiple times throughout the broadcast. However, EA did not capture the gameplay details, for example, deliberately shortened the development process or did not express the surrounding effects together. This is the first time we reveal the detailed gameplay players will encounter through this video.

Meanwhile, Glenn Scofield, who is called the father of the game while building the original Dead Space universe, was the director of the Call of Duty series at Sledgehammer Games after leaving EA. He is currently developing Callisto Protocol, a spiritual sequel to Dead Space, at Crafton Striking Distance game studio, with the game’s release scheduled for December 2nd. When EA releases Dead Space Remake on January 27, 2023, players will be able to experience the essence of sci-fi survival horror later this year and early next.

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