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“The Return of Kevin Bakhurst: A Look at RTÉ’s Potential Next Director-General”

RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcasting service, has a new director-general and his appointment is generating excitement and anticipation. Kevin Bakhurst has been appointed to the position, and the fact that he used to work for the BBC as its Controller of News means that many believe this is an excellent move for RTÉ. One journalist has even said that it feels as if Roy Keane has returned to Saipan. In this profile, we will take a closer look at Kevin Bakhurst and discuss what his appointment could mean for RTÉ.

Kevin Bakhurst is often described as “gentlemanly,” “affable,” and “astute.” He is a well-spoken Cambridge graduate who comfortably navigates political settings. During his time as head of news and current affairs at RTÉ, he was popular with staff and brought credibility back to the division. While he can be approachable, he can also make hard decisions when necessary, such as pulling the Morning Edition program due to budgetary cuts. Although he was unsuccessful in his bid for DG of RTÉ in 2016, Bakhurst remains interested in the role and would complement current chair Siún Ní Raghallaigh’s skills. With experience in editorial matters and familiarity with Irish culture, he may be the right person to lead RTÉ through future challenges.

As Kevin Bakhurst steps up to take the reins as the new director-general of RTÉ, the broadcaster stands on the brink of an exciting new era. With his experience as deputy director-general and former controller of BBC News Channel, Bakhurst’s appointment is poised to bring refreshing change to RTÉ’s content and programming. As staff and viewers alike brace themselves for the Roy Keane-like arrival of Bakhurst, we can safely say that we are in for an intriguing ride. So, let’s all buckle up and look forward to the journey ahead, with a new leader at the helm!

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