The Psychological Impact of Kim Kardashian’s Actions on Taylor Swift: A Chronology of Their Problems


Kim Kardashian came under attack from fans Taylor Swift. This comes after the musician’s confession about the psychological impact of Kim Kardashian’s actions in 2016.

To date, no apology has been issued by Kim Kardashian regarding the “illegal” editing of the video of the conversation between Swift and her ex-husband, Kanye West.

On Friday (8/12), Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account was bombarded with negative comments from Swifties. Kim’s last two posts were full of insults and demands for an apology to Taylor Swift.

Apart from comments, Taylor Swift fans also use the snake emoji as a satire, remembering that Kim Kardashian had used this emoji in a previous conflict with Taylor Swift in 2016. The snake emoji was initially used by Kim after uploading an edited video which caused Taylor Swift to be insulted with the hashtag Taylor Swift Over Party .

Taylor Swift then adopted the snake symbol in her album entitled Reputation (2017), telling about her mental and career collapse after conflicts with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift in an interview with TIME magazine as Person of the Year discussed the psychological impact and career damage she experienced as a result of the bullying she experienced at that time.

Taylor Swift has spoken openly about the psychological pain she has experienced and her difficult journey over the past few years.

“You had a completely made-up job in an illegally recorded phone call edited by Kim Kardashian, and then told everyone I was a liar,” Taylor Swift said.

“It put me at a psychological low that I’ve never experienced,” he said.

“I moved abroad. I hadn’t left my rented house for years. I was afraid of receiving calls. I avoided people in my life because I didn’t trust anyone anymore,” he said.

“I feel very, very down,” he added.

Chronology of Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian’s problems on the next page.

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