Sega plans to reboot even more classic game series.

At The Game Awards earlier this week, Sega dropped the bombshell that they will reboot some of their old game series such as Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio and Golden Axe.

This was a big surprise for fans of classic Sega titles, but it turns out that it’s just the start of something much bigger. In a press release issued in conjunction with the announcement, Shuji Utsumi, Managing Director of Sega of America, Sega’s co-chief operating officer & Sega of America CEO, said:

“We are digging into our heritage and renewing multiple franchises to bring these games to a larger audience worldwide. Today’s announcement is just the start of our initiative. Our ambition is first and foremost to create amazing games with memorable characters and worlds. We hope that fans of all ages will look forward to our future as we launch these projects in the years to come.”

What other classic Sega franchises would you like to see revisited in the future?

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

2023-12-10 11:28:43
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