The program Cuisine Impossible makes a stopover in Martinique

Chefs Juan Arbelaez and Julien Duboué take turns in a culinary competition with a mystery destination in order to blindly reproduce a typical specialty offered by a local restaurateur. Only one chef came to Martinique.

Chef Julien Duboué tried to create an emblematic dish, rich in colors and flavors, like Martinican cuisine. In the episode we will see him go to meet the inhabitants and discover the extent of the land of Martinique. The episode on Martinican cuisine will be broadcast this Friday, August 7 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1.

Chef Julien Duboué went out of his way to make a Conch Fricassee. Another local dish cooked by chef Julien Duboué was the breadfruit Migan. A great discovery for him since he did not know the vegetable, nor the other main ingredient, namely pigtails.

Good visibility for Martinique, all the municipalities of the North Caribbean and Fort-de-France were highlighted. On this occasion 13,000 euros were invested by the CMT to welcome the film crew. Marie-Line Lesdema First Vice-President of the Martinique Tourism Committee at the microphone of Isabelle HAMOT.

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