The president of Huracán, on the resignation of Diego Martínez: “It breaks my balls”

After being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the League Cup 2023 on penalties against Platense, Diego Martinez He resigned yesterday from his position as coach of Hurricane. Given this situation, today the president of Globo participated in an interview in which he revealed his annoyance at the departure of the coach and the attitude of Bocawhich influenced the strategist’s decision.

«I’m hurt more than anything and a little hot too with everything that happened. We didn’t expect it, but we have to move on.”began David Garzon in dialogue with Espn’s F90 program. «We had been working for continuity, we had scheduled the preseason and a trip to Uruguay. We had no doubt about the continuity. Messages began to reach us from everywhere that the technician was leaving. I asked him if he had received a call and he told me no, but that the next day we were going to have a talk«he added.

«Given Diego’s response, who was always very sincere, one trusted, but the next day we found something else. He told me that he received two calls from Boca; He has every right to leave if he considers it a growth. But I’m not going to deny that it breaks my balls«continued the top leader of the Parque Patricios club.

In this context, he added: «He didn’t tell me who called him. The anger is that we are not given room to foresee this. Each club manages itself the way it wants, those are the rules of the game, football is managed that way and sometimes we naturalize things that are not right. I think it shouldn’t happen. I like technicians who are working somewhere else and I don’t call them«.

«He told me that directing Boca was the dream of his life. I understand it and value it. He told me that he had several dreams in football and that this was one, and that he didn’t want to let it go.. Just as I am hot and angry with his attitude, I feel the obligation to say that Diego is a great person, he worked admirably, he gave his all. Wherever he goes they will enjoy it, he has very good manners, he reaches the player, he treats the leadership very well«David said.

Finally, the president of Globo concluded: «I appreciate that he came at a difficult time and got us out of a mess. He took it on and did it to the fullest, he is sick at work. As I say, the unexpectedness of this angers me, I value everything he did.

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