The Premier sells domestic rights for more than 8.4 billion dollars for 4 years

The Premier League sold its domestic television rights for 6.7 billion pounds ($8.4 billion), the richest sports broadcasting deal in the history of British sport.

The new contract, which will cover the period between 2025-26 and 2028-29, confirms the league’s status as the richest in world football. The annual amount of £1.675 billion ($2.12 billion) is double the value of domestic rights from Germany, Spain and Italy.

Sky Sports will broadcast a minimum of 215 matches per season, 100 more than it currently broadcasts. TNT Sports, the former BT Sport, received 52 matches. Amazon Prime, which broadcast 20 games per season in the current cycle that ends in 2024-25, would not have presented an offer to show games in the next cycle, according to press reports.

The current deal is worth £1.66 billion ($2.1 billion) per season.

“The outcome of this process supports the strength of the Premier League,” said Richard Masters, the championship’s chief executive. “And it is a testament to our clubs, players and coaches who continue to provide the most competitive football in packed stadiums, and to the fans, who create an unbeatable atmosphere every week.”

2023-12-05 06:25:32
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