The Prague Monastery offers its premises for quarantine

“We offer it to people who have either ordered a quarantine of hygiene or order it themselves, because today people also trace themselves,” the prior of the monastery Petr Glogar told Novinky, adding that only people with a test can stay with them. did not prove covid-19 because the monastery is not a medical facility.

For those interested in accommodation, the monastery offers a simple suite with its own bathroom. It is the bathroom that determines how many guests the monastery can host together. “We have thirteen bathrooms here to comply with all precautions, so we have thirteen rooms,” Glogar explained.

Rooms are decorated in a simple style, each with its own bathroom.

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Although it is a church monastery, there is also modern technology. Internet access via Wi-Fi is available in the common rooms. It should be available in individual rooms in the near future. However, you have to do without TV here. “Television in the convent, I don’t think it has anything to do,” the priest said with a smile.

So far, there is also no possibility of catering, but the monastery promises to help the accommodated with the delivery of purchases or ordered food to the room.

For the day and night in the monastery, people should pay approximately three hundred crowns, according to the prior of the monastery, it is to cover operating costs and ensure cleaning and hygiene measures. “It’s not business, nothing like that. If someone is in great need, we will not talk about money. It’s an offer to stay here and the money is really in second place, “added Gregar.

There are spaces with beautiful views of Prague.

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In addition to the monastery, there are several employees and volunteers who will take care of the quarantined people. The prior is not afraid of someone abusing their offer: “It’s a risk, but it’s part of life.”

According to him, so far only people infected with covid-19, who cannot accommodate the monastery, are heard. However, given the current epidemiological situation, they believe that those interested in temporary asylum will find themselves in the silence of the monastery.

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