The Potential Risk of ATACMS Missiles Ending Up on the Black Market

The Potential Risk of ATACMS Missiles Ending Up on the Black Market

The ATACMS missiles that the US intends to sell to Kyiv could end up on the black market. This statement was made by retired British Air Force Vice-Marshal Sean Bell.

“Every time weapons are transferred to Ukraine, there is a chance that some of them will end up on the black market,” said Sean Bell, Sky News reports. The military is also concerned that providing ATACMS to Kyiv could lead to an escalation of the conflict, since the ammunition is capable of hitting deep into Russia.

Earlier, American journalist Seymour Hersh said that the West is confident that weapons provided to Ukraine often end up on the black market. However, according to him, the Ukrainian media try not to cover this, reports “National News Service».

Recently, the Western press began to write that US President Joe Biden has already decided to transfer ATACMS operational-tactical missiles equipped with banned cluster munitions to Kyiv. According to some reports, everything was decided before the visit of Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky to Washington on September 23, writes Life.

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