Tesla’s Optimus Robots: New Capabilities and Demonstrations

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25.09.2023 08:32, Alexey Razin

While public attention is drawn to Tesla’s preparations for the start of deliveries of serial electric Cybertruck pickups, the company does not stop simultaneously improving other future products such as humanoid robots Optimus, which will be assembled at the same facility in Texas. Over the weekend, Tesla demonstrated the new capabilities of these robots.

Image source: Tesla

Short video explains that Optimus robots have learned to independently calibrate the accuracy of the movements of their limbs, using only sensors built into the joints and a machine vision system. The latter is also used to train neural networks and teach robots to perform certain tasks.

Image source: Tesla

As an example, the operation of sorting plastic construction blocks according to color criteria was demonstrated. Construction pieces of two colors were placed in front of the robot, and it had to sort them into two trays according to color. The robot coped with the task even if the situation changed periodically – the person watching it moved the sorted parts to new places. At the same time, secondary conditions were also observed – for example, the construction blocks must be positioned strictly vertically, and if necessary, the robot would turn them over.

Image source: Tesla

As specified, the neural network of Optimus robots is trained using exclusively the hardware resources of the robot itself. During the demonstration, the Optimus prototype also showed the ability to perform the opposite operation – mixing blocks of two colors in one group. At the same time, Tesla demonstrated the robot’s ability to balance on one leg (first photo above), simulating yoga exercises. The smoothness and speed of movements, assuming that the video is recorded in real time, are not inferior to human ones.

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