The philosopher Vittorio Mathieu died – La Stampa

TURIN. Vittorio Mathieu, an Italian philosopher among the founders, in 1994, of Forza Italia, together with Silvio Berlusconi, Lucio Colletti and Marcello Dell’Utri, died today at the hospital in Chivasso (Turin).

He was born in Varazze (Savona) in 1923, but until the last few days he lived in his house on the Turin hill, looked after by his children Maria Paola and Pietro Silvio. The funeral will be held at the Gran Madre in Turin.

Mathieu was one of the best known academic philosophers of Turin.

For years he was a lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy and then in Moral Philosophy, he also dealt with music, philosophy of science, aesthetics and politics, writing numerous books. His philosophers of reference were Immanuel Kant and Henri Bergson. «He was a man and a consistent father – recalls his daughter Maria Paola – upright and tireless. Threatened several times by the Red Brigades, however, he received the respect of the protesting students who wrote ‘Mathieu Kant who passes you’ on a wall ».

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