The Perfect Vinaigrette Recipe: Mustard Adds a Crunchy Twist

The Perfect Vinaigrette Recipe: Mustard Adds a Crunchy Twist

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26.09.2023 07:15

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Despite its simplicity, vinaigrette is a pretty tasty dish.

Therefore, chefs often take up the task of preparing it.

It is enough to cut boiled beets, potatoes and carrots into cubes, add onions and pickles, season the resulting vegetable mixture with olive oil or mayonnaise – and the dish is ready.

But will the prepared salad turn out perfect? Many cooks will answer this question in the negative, drawing attention to the fact that the dish is missing one very important ingredient.

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What to add to vinaigrette

It turns out that this salad “loves” mustard. And we are not talking about the popular pasty product.

Grainy mustard is suitable for vinaigrette.

The spicy component goes well with vegetables and any dressing.

In addition, it is very pleasant when the seeds “hit the tooth” and begin to burst, unexpectedly revealing their bright aroma.

Thus, the salad not only becomes much more tasty, but also acquires an interesting “crunch”.

Vinaigrette with grainy mustard is liked by many gourmets. Try this salad too: perhaps you will also be delighted with the dish.

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