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The Passing of Abdo Ayoub Hajeij: A Life Remembered and Mourned

The death of Abdo Ayoub Hajej

His mother: the late Sidi Father Youssef Chamoun

His siblings: Camille Hojeij, his wife Andre Shahwan, and their two daughters: Sidi Hojeij, Musa Mutran’s wife, Perla Hojeij.
The daughters of the late Samir Hojeij and his wife, the late Mary Youssef Nader: Dr. Zeina Hojeij, wife of engineer Wadih Abi Abdullah, and their family, Rana Hojeij, wife of engineer Karim Bahsoun.

His sisters: Marilyn Ayoub Hajeij
The late Therese Ayoub Hajeij

And all the families of Hajij, Chamoun, Shahwan, Nader, Mutran, Abi Abdullah, Bahsoun, Akark, Abi Nader, Sadaqa, Haddad, Jamil and their relatives in the homeland and abroad mourn to you with great sorrow and grief the loss of their dearly missed and dearly departed, the late Abdo Ayoub Hajij,

He rested in the hope of glorious resurrection and eternal life on Sunday, October 29, 2023, fulfilling his religious duties.

He will celebrate prayers for his repose on Monday, October 30, 2023, at three in the afternoon, in the Church of Our Lady of Help, Al-Muallaqa, Zahle. Then he was buried in the family cemetery in Al-Muallaqa Cemetery, Zahle.

Condolences will be accepted after the burial and afterwards on Monday, 30th of this month, in the parlor of the Church of Our Lady of Help, Al-Mallaqa, Zahle, from ten in the morning until six in the evening.

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