the owner released with the benefit of the doubt

Sordid file evoked Tuesday at the judicial court of Thionville. At the bar comes a man suspected of having had a sexualized relationship with his dog. Denounced by neighbors who would have surprised the naked man, while his animal moaned according to them in an abnormal way, the bachelor denies any inappropriate gesture towards him. Above all, he depicts tense relations with local residents, inclined to point out his problem with alcohol and his penchant for exhibitionism.

“I showed them my buttocks because I had problems with them”, sweeps the forties, pinched by the investigators for his consultations on child pornography sites. His sex life is of interest to the North Moselle jurisdiction. Almost non-existent for years.

Expertise missing from the file

So the reactions of the dog raise questions for the investigators, an examination is carried out on the canine, regularly shaved by his master at the level of the sexual zone. “A sensitive area”, notes the veterinarian, but showing no lesions. In the procedure, the expertise tends to highlight that the man has a sexualized approach to the dog.

Problem: this piece does not appear in the hearing file on January 24. What motivate the release of the Moselle, the doubt benefiting the defendant. The prosecution is considering the possibility of appealing the decision.

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