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The original PO’s travel experience in Tokyo with frustrating companions

The original PO shared his travel experience to Tokyo, and his travel companions made him very dumbfounded. (Image/Pixabay)

Travel companions when traveling abroad should be chosen carefully. One netizen said that he recently went to Tokyo with a friend and arranged all the itinerary by himself. As a result, the other party not only did not do his homework, but also often left his sight without telling him. He even imitated the locals and yelled “Kawaii~” to let him go. She was quite angry and said helplessly, “Are we not suitable for going abroad together?”

The original PO posted on PTT that he recently traveled to Tokyo with his friends. Since he had been there many times, the itinerary was arranged by the original PO. However, something unpleasant happened to him during this trip. Although the gender of the travel companion was not announced, Everyone speculated that it was her boyfriend.

During the trip, if there is something unclear about the navigation, but the travel companion thinks it is a certain direction, and the final result is the same as what he found, the original PO will be sour, “You see, what I checked is correct, right?” But he After complaining about each other in the next second, the traveling companion became angry and said that they should go their separate ways the next day.

The two of us went to Disneyland and visited the souvenir shop. Many girls would shout “kawaii~” when they saw the cute products in the store. As a result, their traveling companions would imitate them in a joking tone and talk about it wherever they went. PO couldn’t stand it and said directly to his traveling companion, “You are really annoying like this.”

Not only that, not only did the travel companions not read the itinerary before traveling, but when they arrived at the place, they often asked the original PO, “Is this place worth visiting?” They even thought the scenic spots were boring and didn’t want to go. They would also often leave the original PO’s sight without saying a word and make phone calls frantically. He didn’t answer either, and after searching for a long time, he discovered that he had gone somewhere else to shop and take photos.

As soon as the post came out, netizens left comments such as “Just let him go”, “Refuse to interact with each other, it sucks”, “If we are friends, don’t travel together next time; if we are boyfriend and girlfriend, you are probably not suitable. It sounds like you Friends are irritable and difficult to communicate with, and they argue about everything. Don’t you feel tired of getting along like this?”

In addition, some people said, “If you tell me a few times, I will travel by myself”, “You can tell at a glance that the girl is the boyfriend and the boy is the boyfriend”, “If they are a couple or ambiguous, break up quickly”, “It means they have bad character” Life is irritating and you can’t just take things as they come.”, “I guess this nuisance is a boy, let’s break it up.”, “Next time, if possible, bringing a Chihuahua will be more useful than this guy.”

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