the OPU said whether Zelensky receives money from the screening of the series “Quarter 95” in Russia

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky does not receive royalties from showing on Russian TV the series Papik-2, created by the Kvartal 95 studio.

About it “Ukrainian News” reported in the press service Office of the President… The department clarified that the Papik and Papik-2 trademarks do not belong to the head of state.

“Accordingly, he does not receive royalties from the sale of this content,” – said in the response.

The OPU stressed that Zelensky receives money only from the use of his trademarks only on the territory of Ukraine.

It also clarified that the largest royalty payments in 2019-2020 were for the use of the “Evening Quarter”, “Laugh a Comedian” and “Women’s Quarter”.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, at the end of March it was announced that the second season of the series “Papik” by the studio “Kvartal 95” will be shown on the Russian TV channel STS.

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