“The Olympics are important for war and national views” ‘400 national team members’ must join the Marine Corps

As controversy erupts over the Marine Corps camp training in the middle of this month, in which about 400 national team athletes participate, the Korean Sports Council’s explanation is causing a stir.

According to CBS, Mr. A, an executive at the Sports Council, said, “Because large-scale events such as the Paris Olympics are competitions between nations, we do not raise guns, but it is a war.” He added, “Through this training, we plan to provide mental education about the national view, the importance of the nation, and the pride of being a member of the national team.” It was revealed.

Mr. A continued, “It is true that the players’ morale and performance are somewhat low,” and explained, “Please understand that we are trying to come together to create an opportunity for a rebound.”

The Olympic Charter states that the purpose of the Olympics is human peace and love for humanity, and the Olympic platform also states that the significance of the Games is participation, not victory.

Criticism continues as the Sports Council refuses to bend its decision to enforce the plan.

Professor Han said on his social media, “Because my performance in the Tokyo Olympics fell short of expectations and I placed third in the Hangzhou Asian Games, I will train people to exercise self-defense in this cold,” adding, “I’m talking about taking a time machine back to the old days when only mental strength and fighting spirit were emphasized.” criticized.

Another professor pointed out, “The idea is to publicize the news by clenching your fists in the sea water, shouting ‘fighting’ and taking pictures,” and asking, “Is there any evidence that mental strength is strengthened when you join the Marine Corps?”

If there are no changes, this Marine Corps camp training will be held from the 18th to the 20th with the participation of about 400 national representatives from each sport.

2023-12-09 04:17:09

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