Preventing Cerebral Infarction in Winter: Expert Advice and Precautions

2023/12/09 13:08 Weather News

Winter is a time when brain and heart diseases are more likely to occur, as typified by heat shock caused by the temperature difference between a warm room and a cold bathroom or changing room.

These serious cardiovascular diseases require professional treatment as soon as possible, and it is said that treating cerebral infarction more than 4.5 hours after the onset of the disease increases the risk that the subsequent condition will deteriorate significantly. Masu.

Dr. Junko Yamaguchi, Director of the Critical Care Center at Nihon University Itabashi Hospital, gave us an explanation of precautions and prevention methods for cerebral infarction in winter.

One type of stroke is cerebral infarction

The key is early detection and treatment within 4.5 hours of onset.

Checkpoints for early detection

How to make blood “smooth”?

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