The Nordsee seafood restaurant chain in the Czech Republic is ending

Master Mariner is another chain operator that has filed for bankruptcy with the Czech authorities.

After the Icelandic chain went bankrupt, the Nordsee restaurants specialized in seafood also had problems. You brought the news Barrandov TV. The Municipal Court of Prague has confirmed the bankruptcy of ICL Czech, which operates national stores of the British food chain. The Master Mariner company has asked the court to file its assets for bankruptcy. The restaurant of the German chain Nordsee operates in the Czech Republic. This is apparent from documents published in the insolvency register, reports TV Barrandov.

The chains focused on the middle category are the most at risk

The operator of the Nordsee restaurant chain, Master Mariner, has stopped leasing the Palladium and Nový Smíchov shopping centers in Prague. The reason is the company’s inability to pay its obligations, he wrote iToday. The company became unprofitable in 2019 when the Nordsee branch in downtown Arkády Pankrác ceased operations. The next two years affected the business, according to the company forced closure of factories due to the spread of the coronavirus. Attendance has not returned to pre-Covid levels again this year. The company is therefore unable to pay new and unpaid invoices.

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North Sea

Economist Vít Hradil of the Cyrrus company assumes that the Czechs will soon have to get used to the purposes of other famous brands. In general, it can be said that real purchasing power in the Czech Republic is decreasing “, Events247 said. According to him, it will be so the biggest problem for chains or retailers. “I probably wouldn’t worry so much about those who fully specialize in luxury clientele. After all, these clients don’t run into existential problems, in fact, they can often be motivated to spend money before inflation affects their value.“added Hradil for Události247.

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There will remain a gap in the market

As the economic expert states, it does not foresee a threat to retailers who trade directly “On the saucer” price spectrum. “You are typical there, after all needs that must always be met: basic food, fuel. At risk are the middle classes, who do not necessarily rely on mobile citizens, but rather on the middle class. He already has to give up on some popular products in case he just doesn’t get the money. The chain in question seems to fall into that category “. says economist Událostem247.

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Vladěna Stehlíková told Událost247: “A few years ago, my friends and I discovered Nordsee, we liked going there after work. But it’s true prices have gone up terribly lately. A person should allow himself such a visit only exceptionally, when he wants to make himself happy. But I’m still sorry it’s running out, it’s hard for anyone to fill this gap. I’m definitely not going to switch to burgers. ” On the website, both stores in Prague still report that they are open and invite you to visit them. However, their contact phones are equally deaf.

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