The New York Marathon Launches 11% of Its Workers

    New York Road Runners (NYRR), the largest non-profit running association in the United States, announced this week that it will lay off 11% of its workers and leave another 28% unemployed, affecting 91 of its 229 employees, of which 65 will see their work temporarily frozen and 26 will leave the organization. It is one of the most notable effects of the havoc that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing in the world.

    Since March, NYRR officials have had to cancel more than 20 races, including the New York Marathon, which next November was going to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Each year they organize some of the largest events in the world, with the New York Half Marathon (NYC Half), the Women’s Mini 10K or the Brooklyn Media, in addition to dozens of smaller events of all distances in the five boroughs of the city and in New Jersey. Every year, that draws thousands of people to the Big Apple, with specific programming for disabled children, adults and athletes.

    The organization received a loan of between 2 and 5 million dollars (1.7 and 4.3 million euros) when the pandemic began, which combined with budget cuts has allowed to keep employees for five months. “Although we have focused on offering a variety of virtual career opportunities, the continuing uncertainty about the return of our physical careers has created serious financial pressure on our operations,” explains the NYRR spokesperson. Chris Weiller.

    In addition to the dismissals and layoffs, which have affected all departments, the members of the board have cut their salary by 15%, while the president and chief executive officer Michael Capiraso will lower his salary by 20%. According to public tax data, New York Road Runners had revenues of $ 113 million (€ 97.5M) in 2019 versus $ 98.5 million (85) in 2018 and Capiraso earned $ 548,046 ( € 472,000).

    Via: Runner’s World US

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