The new promotional video of “The Day Before” sparked another controversy. The opening storyboard is exactly the same as the zombie mode of “Decisive Moment” | 4Gamers

The doomsday zombie MMO “The Day Before” developed by the Russian team began to fall into controversy over the authenticity of the work last year, and now worse accusations are coming. Another well-known game, the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Yes, the 10-minute real game promotional video released by Fntastic on February 3 was originally a demonstration to counter the outside world’s doubts about the authenticity of the game.promotional videoThe first 5 seconds of the split shot were overlooked by sharp-eyed overseas players, because the first two or three screens were closely related to theStoryboard of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarAlmost identical.

In fact, since the controversy over Fntastic’s unpaid recruitment of overseas translators erupted last year, coupled with the second delay of the game (the first engine change, the second trademark dispute) and the unwarranted removal from the Steam store, the player community has questioned whether the game may No, but Fntastic vehemently denies the allegations, saying the game did not have crowdfunding, no pre-orders, and no Douai.

However, the previous promotional images of “The Day Before” were accused by overseas villagers on the Reddit forum of being exactly the same as the promotional concepts of “The Division” or “Snow Runner”, and netizen Chroma further pointed out that this game has many image storyboards Same as another masterpiece, “The Last of Us”.

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One wave after another, “The Day Before” has been highly anticipated from the beginning to now being criticized by thousands of people. Fntastic is currently trying its best to make the game available on November 10, 2023. If This date is skipped again, and the prospect of “The Day Before” may be extremely pessimistic.

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