A provocative question forces the Egyptian artist, Nashwa Mustafa, to reveal her real age • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian actress, Nashwa Mostafa, sparked widespread controversy when she spoke about the difference in the standard of living between generations and the injustice that her generation was subjected to.

The artist said on her television program that she did not have the ability to buy university books, and she was presenting a paper with the terms of her father’s salary in order to obtain books at a reduced or free value.

And she confirmed that her generation was more oppressed than the current generation, after they got out of wars and severe economic crises, noting that she had to buy only one set of clothes for the summer, and another set for the winter, in addition to one shoe in the feast, black in color, to suit the school after that. .

During her post on Facebook, one of her followers wrote to her a comment in which he said: “Soft power (actors) is a word of truth that is intended to be false. How many thousand are your daily or monthly expenses.. Your children are in public or international schools.. The resort is in Baltim or the northern coast.. And this is a dwelling like the poor, they will enter paradise.”

As the artist replied to him, saying: “Who owns you, Hajj Sayed? I am 57 years old..I am from a poor family. It is true, but I was raised to remain manly..I mean, I work and get tired because I am 57 years old. Thanks to God, my conditions are better, and I still have an apartment and a chalet, and I teach my children.” The best education is that their father and I were tired and miserable… I mean, I didn’t take it out of your pocket to buy an apartment.”

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