The new Middle East emerging from the Israel-Emirates-Bahrain agreement

Jerusalem The speech of the minisof Foreign Affairs Emirati Abdullah bin Zayed during the historical ceremony at the White House for the establishment of diplomatic relations between your country and Israel, was interrupted in Israeli homes by the “red alert” siren. Hamas ha made to feel live your own dissent, throwing different missiles on Ashdod, 30 km north of the Gaza Strip. Border towns were hit all night, leaving 13 injured. AAt dawn, the Israeli army responded by bombing Hamas infrastructure.


It is the demonstration that the “New Middle East”, inaugurated yesterday in Washington, will not easily turn the page with respect to the dynamics that this area has known so far.

The new Middle East emerging from the Israel-Emirates-Bahrain agreement

The signatures on the document yesterday in Washington

The preamble to the agreement signed yesterday between Israel and the United Arab Emirates – as well as the declaration of peace between Israel and Bahrain, which announced its accession toThe new course only on Friday – reaffirms “the commitment to collaborate to find a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that meets the needs and legitimate aspirations of both sides, advancing a comprehensive peace in the Middle East “.

It is the reversal of the principle it had up to now driven any discourse around the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians: “There can be no normalization of relations between the Arab world and Israel without first establishing a Palestinian state within the borders of 1967”. Now, some Arab countries have decided to reverse the order of factors: according to the new doctrine, it will be the normalization of the Arab world with Israel, its acceptance as an integral part of the Middle East e as an ally strategic and economic partner, to lead to a resolution of the conflict with the Palestinians.

That this will be really the result of what is happening now is difficult to say. The Palestinians they speak of betrayal of the Palestinian cause by the Arab world. No.she says del first Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh: “Arab solidarity is dead today”. UAE and Bahrain continue to argue that from this new position they can have more influence on Israel, as demonstrated by the suspension of the annexation of part of the West Bank, condition not mailed by the Gulf countries to proceed with the establishment of diplomatic relations. The Palestinians don’t believe itThe.Dthey want to stop playing the Palestinian card when they are only serving their interests, inthe illusion that an alliance with Israel would protect them from Iran, “he said yesterday in an interview with Republic Saeb Erekat, general secretary of the PLO and historic chief negotiator of theAnp. In all likelihood the Palestinian strategy it will crystallize When will be known who will be the next tenant of the White House.

Decades of under-the-table relations between the Jewish state and Sunni Arab countries were made public on August 13 with the Emirati declaration, which met with the approval of several leaders Sunnis – united in opposition to the Shia axis- defining it “a step towards achieving a peaceful Middle East”, among which the support of Egyptian President Al Sisi stands out. The Arab League even refused to support a Palestinian resolution calling for a condemnation of the Emirates. Dfter less than a month, also the Bahrain joined. Yesterday in the White House Trump said that “5 other countries will follow, including Saudi Arabia ‘at the right time'”. The fact that Riad has permission Israeli flights to fly over their airspace to reach the Emirates and other destinations in the East, it is a not insignificant sign in this sense.

Oman, whose ambassador to the US was in the front row at the ceremony, is given by everyone as the next, and it could be a matter of days. There are those who speak then of Sudan e of Morocco, after una direct airline Tel Aviv – Casablanca. It already exists today de facto a sort of normalization with the North African country: hundreds of thousands dIsraelis visit every annThe Morocco thanks to a special permission granted by the King, that honor the fact that his country has historically hosted one of the largest Jewish communities in the Arab world (over 250,000 Moroccan Jews emigrated or fled to Israel with the foundation of the state. About 2,500 Jews have remained in Morocco to date). And even from Lebanon, voices of approval are being heard: the Lebanese journalist Nadim Koteich he wrote its Asharq Al-Awsat that “Lebanon should be the next country to make peace with Israel”, to repudiate Hezbollah joining the anti-Iranian axis in the Middle East.

The speed at which all of this is happening has to do with the most important date for world structures, the presidential elections of 3 November. Trump is betting a lot on the Middle Eastern map, on the prestige for introducing newi assetti diplomatici after almost thirty years – the Israel-Jordan agreements are from 1994 – and above all on the repatriation of several American troops stationed in the area. It cannot be ruled out that i next 48 days they may hold other surprises on this front.


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