The new children’s rights supervisor gets acquainted with the team – Photo

The staff of the State Inspectorate for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (VBTAI) needs to be strengthened and the institution developed from a controlling and supervising institution that coordinates, advises and provides methodological support to families and orphans’ courts and schools on Thursday. emphasized the new head of the inspection Jānis Ābele. “It is precisely the preventive work that will help to cope with this area better,” Ābele believes. After getting acquainted with the work team, the new head of the inspection expressed his commitment to listen to the employees and hear complaints or suggestions from the team. Abele also emphasized that “each change will be analyzed in advance and clearly justified”. It is also important for the new head of the institution that the employees are always informed about all the upcoming changes and their opinion is heard. When starting this job, Ābele has put forward two basic principles – openness and teamwork. “If we work in a team, we have to be open to each other. If we have problem situations – we talk, if there are ideas or suggestions for initiatives – I am very open,” said the new head of VBTAI.

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