The NBA turns 75. What is the best team in history?


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The best basketball league in the world is celebrating its anniversary, and to celebrate it made a list (not without some controversy) with the best 75 players of all time. As almost always in this type of election, each one wears a “expert” inside and think that there are players who should not be in it and others who are missed.

But in such an extensive list it is difficult to leave out any of the great names in history.

Things change a bit when you have to choose the best team in history, the NBA itself has provided a reduced list of only 5 teams that for different reasons oppose being the best of the best.

It’s about the historical 60’s celtics, with 10 rings, 8 of them in a row, from the hand of Red Auerbach, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy O John Havlicek. It seems almost impossible to even match such a record in such a short space of time.

Magical 80’s

The next proposal is the 80s Lakers, those of “show time”, those who made more than one of us discover the NBA thanks to the talent of Magic, Worthy or the mythical Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Maybe with the Warriors of the “Splash brothers” the funniest team to watch in history. A dynasty of legend that took only 5 rings to coincide in time with the celtics.

Again the celtics appear on our list, the “arch enemy” of those blessed confrontations with the Lakers in the 1980s.

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Maybe they weren’t as spectacular as the Angelenos but thanks to the quality and kind of Larry Bird, accompanied by Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale O Robert Parish They got 3 rings and created a community of loyal followers in Spain that lasts until today.

The following are the Bulls from Jordan and his 6 rings, for many the best team of all time, among other things because they had the best player ever. But Jordan that he did not start out well surrounded and that is why it took him so long to get his first title, he would end up with Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, S.Kerr… a team that marks an era in the 90s.

The last proposal can continue to have life, are the Warriors from Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, which would be reinforced with Durant to get 3 rings in 5 finals and that historic 73-9 mark in just 5 years. And I say that they can continue to have life because they have had the best start of all this season, waiting for Klay and Wiseman. Will the 4th ring fall?

I forgot, Which one is the best for you?


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