“The Musical Prodigy and His Son: The Intertwined Stories of Eugen and Roger Cicero”

Eugen and Roger Cicero were not only father and son, but above all they were extraordinary artists. While Eugen became famous as a piano virtuoso in the 1960s and performed with star singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Shirley Bassey, years later Roger filled gigantic concert halls as one of the most gifted singers in Germany.

Ever since his appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, Roger Cicero has been popular far beyond the borders of Germany. He was posthumously awarded the most important German jazz prize, the ECHO Jazz. Only music fans know that the singer came from a musical family.

A musical prodigy

Eugen Cicero (1940 – 1997) was already considered a musical prodigy in his Romanian homeland at the age of seven. After fleeing, the pianist also became famous in the West in the mid-1960s, and his first album sold over a million copies worldwide.

The life stories of Eugen and Roger Cicero are inseparably interwoven and show fascinating parallels: genius paired with an unprecedented passion, overcoming borders, the balancing act between commercial success and artistic integrity and finally the tragic ending that still shakes the music world today.

Extraordinary concert moments

In this touching documentary, Kai Wessel, Katharina Rinderle and Tina Freitag reveal the unique father-son relationship of two exceptional talents. Close companions and well-known contemporary witnesses shed light on two geniuses who kept coming back to the stage.

Extraordinary concert moments make the painful gap left by her early death all the more apparent. An emotional homage to two radiant personalities full of contradictions, humor and inspiration. As free and surprising as their music.

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