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The municipality continues to hire the Bahía Blanca lawyer and his duties are still unclear

“Yes, the contract is still in effect,” municipal auditor Pablo Requejo replied yesterday when Diario Andino asked him if the municipality is still paying $ 144,000 a month to Bahía Blanca lawyer Roberto Joaquín Gonzalo González.

The first agreement between the parties linked the municipality with the lawyer in the quarter April, May, June. And according to the statement of the Auditor there would be a new agreement for the period July, August, September.

As stated earlier by Requejo himself, the lawyer allegedly sponsored Stefani in a trial he had had before moving to Villa la Angostura and precisely this point is one of those that have generated suspicions about the real usefulness of the agreement between the parties, since from various sectors it is indicated in “off the record” that it is a “payment of favor, rather than a real legal requirement advice.

Furthermore, this suspicion was founded when the Auditor asked that the reasons justifying the hiring of González and the mayor could not justify why a lawyer from Bahía Blanca was hired. Instead, in response, he filed a legal opinion which suggested that the Auditor be released. until andEven González himself was not clear about the tasks he performs.


Although the contract is in force, as Reuejo explained, it was never approved by the Audit because it was not sent by the Executive, as is done with common contracts..

“When I asked, they replied by means of that opinion which argued that the visa I could do had no legal value. I understand that the municipal head can hire at his discretion and the legal tool he has to do so is to hire him as a political advisor. But in this case we are not talking about the fact that Dr. González was hired as a consultant, but rather as a Monotributist. And the agreements with the mono-tributaries, except when they were short contracts for a short and very punctual job to do, always went through the Audit for their visa. But it wasn’t like that, “Requejo said.

Likewise, the Auditor indicated that no opposition adviser internalized the situation.

The usefulness of Gonzalez

Ayer, Diarioandino consulted the Secretary of the Economy Javier De los Ríos to find out the status of the lawyer’s contract in that area.

The official admitted that the agreement is still in force and regarding González’s functions, the Secretary clarified: “As far as I know, the mayor has instructed him to prepare the specifications for some calls.

He also specified that the lawyer “It has no presence in the municipality”Implying that he works remotely and virtually.

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