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The move with the deployment of Pavelka was already halfway to Šilhavý. But that’s because Vydra was injured, the coach admitted

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In Kazan, Russia, where both teams had to take refuge, Pavelka’s deployment and the related regrouping of the team turned out perfectly.

“It wasn’t just that Pavelka calmed down our game. Sadílek, operating after a change of sides, strengthened the center of the field because he won a lot of balls and brought energy into the game. In the same way, Hložek was relieved and helped when he played from the side, “Šilhavý acknowledged the transformation of his team, which took place after the change of sides.

“It was squeaking in our game in the first half. It took some time for the team to sit down, “he recalled four changes he made compared to Friday’s game against Wales by putting Wiesner, Zima, Sadílek and Otter in the top 11.

Injured Michal Sadílek and Belarus Pavel Seďko.

Evgenia Novozhenina, Reuters

“We played complicatedly and on the ground, which the opponent was ready for. He defended well and added quick breaks. But none of the Belarusians completed it. Either they lost the balloon or our attentive defense managed them and dealt with them, “the national team coach commented for the first forty-five minutes, after which his team led a narrow one-goal difference thanks to Schick.

“It was dangerous in the home game on Friday. The Welsh people had respect for him, so they defended him in two or three men. Against Belarus, he fulfilled what we expect from him and we will expect in the next matches. He helped with the goal and assistance to win and three points, “he appreciated the squinting contribution of the legionnaire from the Bundesliga, who returned to the national team after a forced absence caused by expulsion in Wales.

Patrik Schick scores the leading goal of the Czech team against Belarus.

Evgenia Novozhenina, Reuters

“His name is inflected by more clubs in several countries because he is a great striker with great talent. He’s still rising in performance, but now it’s going to be important to avoid injury. And also whether he will stay in Leverkusen and the Bundesliga or move on. “

In any case, in Kazan, Schick fulfilled the task, just as the Czech national team fulfilled it with a mandatory win.

“After the change of sides after the regrouping of the assembly, it was a more compact performance from us. We dominated, we added a second goal, we could have scored more because we had a chance. It was not easy, because playing the World Cup qualification in front of an empty auditorium was very sad. What a sad, downright crazy. It is not at all easy for the players to prepare for the match in such an atmosphere and show maximum performance, “Šilhavý remarked with unconcerned belief that his team will eventually reach the second place in the group guaranteeing a better starting position for the spring play semi-finals.

The coach of the Czech team Jaroslav Šilhavý during the match with Belarus.

Evgenia Novozhenina, Reuters

“Despite the fact that we do not have the second place in our hands,” he recalled the expected victory of Wales in a match played in Estonia.

“We will manage the last match at home with Estonia, Wales will also win over Belarus and then we will wait and see how our group turns out,” he said of the group’s final meeting between Wales and Belgium, which the Islanders have for good.

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