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The most viral joke of Tik Tok arrives in Spain causing a wave of reactions | Big Bang

We have been seeing for more than a week how in the United States and other European countries Tik Tok users take advantage of Christmas gatherings with their relatives to join the ‘trend’ of false deaths of celebrities, a somewhat heavy joke with whom they invent that the famous or favorite celebrity of their father, their grandfather or one of their uncles has passed away with the sole intention of record your reaction. Well, now the trend has arrived in Spain and the reactions in our country are being as much or funnier than those we have been able to see in the rest of the world.

For a few days the Spanish users of Tik Tok have also begun to join this joke and record the reaction of their elders when they heard that their idols have lost their lives, generally in a traffic accident, the excuse most used also by US users.

We have been able to see how a gentleman claims to be about to faint when hearing from his granddaughter the false news that Belén Esteban has died after Jesulín de Ubrique run over her, like a daughter tells her mother that Joaquín Sabina has died and she screams in fright, like a young man tells his grandmother that Melendi has died and she is unable to believe it and how, among many other practical jokes, A Tik Tok user deceives one of her relatives by telling her that María Patiño has passed away and she is extremely upset.

Juan y Medio and Jorge Javier, the most repeated

Television presenters have been the most repeated names among users who have joined this trend. In Andalusia, the tiktokers who have decided to join this joke have in many cases resorted to Juan y Medio, one of the regional television celebrities who has the greatest impact among the adult population, while in other parts of the country they have also been heard on repeatedly the names of Jorge Javier Vázquez, María Patiñó, Jesús Vázquez and even that of Ana Rosa Quintana and Joaquín Prat.

Not everything is laughs with this trend

Although in all cases the pranksters have ended up revealing to their victims that it was a joke, not all of them have been well received. Most of the tiktokers who have joined the trend have had to face a small reprimand from the person they have teased, but one, who tricked an elderly woman by telling her that Raphael had died, had to face harsh reprimand that has gone very viral and in which the lady makes it very clear that, for her, these jokes are in very bad taste and that she is not willing to tolerate them…

Of course, this woman knew the trend because she is a user of the social network and to her, there is no one who deceives her. And you? What do you think about this type of jokes? We read you on the networks!

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