The Most Valuable Football Clubs of 2023: Real Madrid Tops Forbes’ List

The season ended in most of European football and there are few leagues left to close its curtain on this 2022/23, but with the champions already decided, many teams are already making their balance sheets of the year they had to arrive more empowered facing the other championship.

Despite the fact that Italy and Spain will finish competitions this weekend, there are already studies that show which teams are the most valuable clubs of the season, who at the end of the season have finished with profits and a good budget, information revealed by ‘Forbes’.

In first place was Real Madrid, who, despite not achieving the Champions League final or the Spanish League, ended up at the top with a value of 6,070 million dollars.

Within the top 10, the presence of ten clubs from the English Premier League is surprising, a competition that ended up contributing six teams to this select list, being one of the leagues with the best earnings for its institutions.

Of the English clubs, Liverpool is the best team that obtained the best returns in terms of money, as they were fourth with 5.29 billion, despite the fact that they barely qualified for the Europa League and did not have their best sporting performance.

On the other hand, Manchester City, current Champions League finalist, is fifth with 4.99 billion registered. Similarly, Inter Milan is sixth with 1.03 billion dollars.

​Surprisingly, MLS teams appear in the top 30, becoming an important league in that they can have a more balanced net debt.

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This is the top 20 of the most valuable of 2023:

1- Real Madrid (Spain) – 6.07 billion dollars
2- Manchester United (England) – 6 billion dollars
3- Barcelona (Spain) – 5.51 billion dollars
4- Liverpool (England) – 5.29 billion dollars
5- Manchester City (England) – 4.99 billion dollars
6- Bayern Munich (Germany) – 4.86 billion dollars
7- Paris Saint-Germain (France) – 4.21 billion dollars
8-Chelsea (England) – 3.1 billion dollars
9-Tottenham Hotspur (England) – 2.8 billion dollars
10-Arsenal (England) – 2.26 billion dollars
11- Juventus (Italy) – 2.16 billion dollars
12- Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – 1.93 billion dollars
13- Atlético de Madrid (Spain) – 1.54 billion dollars
14- AC Milan (Italy) – 1.4 billion dollars
15- West Ham United (England) – 1.08 billion dollars
16- Inter Milan (Italy) – 1.03 billion dollars
17- Los Angeles FC (United States) – billion dollars
18- LA Galaxy (United States) – 925 Million dollars
19- Atlanta United FC (United States) – 850 million dollars
20- Crystal Palace (England) – 806 million dollars

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