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The most supportive side of young people from Leon

Eloy de la Varga is 19 years old and is hyperimmune to covid-19. This young aerospace engineering student at the University of León caught the virus in September. A month in confinement with no symptoms and three positive PCR tests alerted his doctors, who decided to do a serological test in which they detected a higher than average level of antibodies against SARS CoV-2 and that made Eloy hyperimmune.

We meet him at the blood donor point of the José Aguado health center, where, for the second time in just under two months, he goes to donate plasma. «Thanks to the mother of a friend I found out that plasma from people with antibodies was being used to treat patients in ICUs and I decided to get in touch with the blood donors to find out, ”says the young man who, although he had never donated blood before, did not hesitate for a moment to lend his arm to help.

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