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The most famous hugs to celebrate International Hug Day

Today is the international hug day! To commemorate this special date, we briefly review the past to learn about the origins surrounding the celebration of one of the most emblematic acts of love.

In the 1980s, Kevin Zaborney, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, began to analyze the recurring stress in most people and concluded that if they received more hugs, this could help their mental, emotional and physical health. From this he decides to promote the January 21st like International Hugging Day.

Later it became popular thanks to the companies and institutions that considered Zaborney’s diagnosis as a necessary sample to take care of health.

Top of hugs that crossed the screen:

Ghost the ghost of love

We start with the inevitable romantic hug. What would be the best example? Definitely the one starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the Ghost movie the ghost of love. The iconic scene where the actors hug each other, while showing their manual qualities, immortalized one of the most important hugs in the history of cinema.

ET the alien

What better way to celebrate friendship than with a hug, especially if we consider that your best friend comes from another galaxy, doesn’t speak your language, but has great sympathy. The scene from Steven Spielberg’s film ET presented us with the most emotional moment in cinema through the embrace between the mythical alien and Elliot. Impossible not to shed a few tears when seeing such a sincere act of brotherhood between friends.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Can hugs be awkward? Some do, or at least that is what the famous scene between the villainous Lord Voldemort and the Slytherin wizard Draco Malfoy demonstrates. During the film, we can see how Voldemort seals with a somewhat creepy hug, the will of our beloved blond wizard to be part of the dark side, which seeks to destroy our beloved hero Harry Potter.

Lillo y Stitch

Continuing our tour, it is important to note that hugs also serve to strengthen family ties. In the Disney animated film “Lillo and Stitch”, we can see towards the end, how the beloved Stitch -also from another galaxy- when questioned that he should return to his planet to appear before the intergalactic community for having escaped, frees a fraternal hug to Lillo and her sister Nani, to finish off that she must stay because she has found her family on earth.

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