The “money saving trick” .. This is what the hanging tea bag on the fireplace or doorknob does

Follow-up – Lujain Ismail:

Many people usually throw tea bags away after using them. But you are aware of many other uses. One of them is to hang the bag on the heater or on the doorknob. What is the peculiarity of this trick.

swollen eyes

Placing a tea bag in a closed eye can relieve irritation, reduce swelling or discomfort, or even ease eye strain.

This is because tea bags reduce the pressure in the eye by reducing tension.

For best results, you should freeze an ice pack wrapped in a clean cloth for a set amount of time.

  • You can hang a tea bag on a doorknob or fireplace. This helps explain the benefit.
  • You can use tea bags as a natural deodorant if you moisten them with one of your favorite natural oils. The oil will give off a pleasant scent every time you open the door.
  • This tip works best if you place the bag on the heater while it’s heating up.
  • The fragrance in a tea bag hanging on the door or fireplace doesn’t have to look fancy. Instead, dispense a fragrant scent that costs little to nothing.

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