Collect 5 shares before XD next week, keep a HANA dividend of 0.50 baht.

“Online stock news Bringing together listed companies (listed companies) to prepare interim dividends And there is a non-dividend (XD) date scheduled for next week between November 29 and December 1 ’22 to offer as an alternative to invest in the volatile stock market. and the lack of positive factors It also offers an attractive dividend yield. There are a total of 5 stocks consisting of HANA, IVL, POLY, SPI, SSC as shown in the table below.

Incidentally, the XD sign (Security Buyers not eligible to receive dividends) means that investors who buy shares today will not be eligible to receive dividends. Therefore, the investor who buys shares marked XD on the XD date may cause investors to receive lower returns. And posting the XD sign will negatively affect the stock price. After the XD day, the stock price usually decreases with the amount of dividend paid.

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