The Minister of Solidarity confirms that family planning methods are available free of charge in reproductive health clinics

Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, said that “Kifaya” clinics will be established to complement the services of health units in the countryside. Reproductive health clinics will also be equipped within the local community development associations, and family planning methods will be provided free of charge by the Ministry of Health, pointing out that training will be done. Doctors, even if they are doctors from civil society by the Ministry of Health.

She pointed out that the Ministry of Solidarity is concerned with equipping clinics, paying the operating cost of doctors and nurses inside clinics, and that the health services provided by civil society through its clinics, clinics and hospitals exceed 30% or more of the health service provided in the rural community.

Al-Kabbaj said, “We invest in the asset and reduce the resources, because a family that gives birth to 5 or 6 children and completes an investment in them will exhaust the economy and reduce the standard of living,” stressing that work is done in a curative and preventive manner at the same time.

This came during its meeting with 23 civil societies today.

Al-Kabbaj explained that there are problems threatening the rural community, such as “underage marriage, consanguineous marriage, female circumcision, illegal immigration, human trafficking, literacy, addiction and drug abuse, early detection of disability, economic empowerment,” pointing out that all these messages must To enhance positive awareness and actual behaviors and practices, noting that the focus will be on the messages of the awareness program, in addition to the Mawaddah program for preparing those entering into marriage, providing family counseling, and the programs of the Addiction and Abuse Treatment and Control Fund, with the need to reinforce these messages in the community.

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