Tweet, chop, wrinkled! Fan club “Nook” stops fighting, sneaking, stop encroaching on “Jackson hopes” GOT7

Became a hot topic immediately when suddenly, no matter how good a young female fan club of Jin “Nook Thanadol Siriwaew” Then find a wretch for the artist himself By that story It started with a Facebook user named Kaewjai Aksirithaweekul Went to post it for the group to keep an eye on all beauty queen areas SEASON 2 saying “Jackson is almost not the same as Pee Nook, look … Pee Nook is handsome, can fight comfortably.” Along with making a comparison picture “Hope Jackson” GOT7 with “Nook Thanadon”Comes 2 shots.

Which was then creased by the tour Whether it’s a fan club or not a fan of young Jackson. Came in to comment on teaching that If wanting to bless the artist himself No one said But don’t look for it and compare it like this Do not mess with other people. Some people even joked that Take pictures to kill his own people Okay, do you really love each other?

So this event was born a new hashtag on Twitter that # Stop obsessing Jackson’s hope It has also become a popular hashtag. Until the Twitter trend is completed

On the Facebook side Of such young fans Has already flew away with my eyes as well And it looks like before that The person also used to take “Nook” compared to the gin like “Bright-Win” already …


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