The manufacturer of the Truston truck and the e-UpCity bus announces a new product

Two years ago, in the summer of 2019, the ATP group from Baia Mare owned by Mircea Cirț, presented its first product, the Truston truck. At the time, he recalled that the story of Truston trucks “began two years ago, after dreaming of a dump truck for 34 years.”

The dream of the head of ATP Group became a reality on August 28, 2019, when, in Baia Mare, the official launch of the road transport vehicle ATP Trucks Truston took place. This allowed confirmation in both the dump truck and the concrete mixer version.

Later, in the spring of this year, the same manufacturer introduced an unexpected product, the e-UpCity electric bus, the vehicle it is currently trying to distribute on the market.

This month, the same company from Baia Mare announced the entry into production of the first facelift for the Truston 8 × 4 truck, but also the inclusion of a new product in its portfolio: the Truston tractor head with low cab and high roof. In fact, the first 4 × 2 high roof tractor unit has already left the production line and is now entering the testing process for approval.

“All 50 trucks we have produced so far have been sold. On this segment we registered a turnover of 4.3 million euros. The facelift stage finds us without trucks in stock, but with over 100 firm orders from customers. Truston is the excellent solution not only in quarries and gravel pits but also in the field of road construction, civil, hydro. We delivered our trucks to customers that cover all these business segments, “said Lucian Varga, CEO of ATP Trucks.

The most important feature of Truston remains endurance. The 8 × 4 variant is built on two C-profiles, 8 + 7 mm, placed in each other, which significantly increases the strength of the chassis. The suspension system provides springs with 11 sheets on the front (25 cm) and 13 sheets on the back (30 cm). The engine is Powered by Weichai, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial diesel engines over 6,000 cc.

“As we advanced with production and, especially, with sales, we realized that we could do more. If on the profile market it is practiced to endow the trucks with simple and cheap cabs, here we can ensure modern, top cabs, without exceeding the budgets ”, continued Lucian Varga.

Working on the process of renewal and development of the portfolio, ATP Trucks also scores the exit from the production line of the first Truston 4 × 2 tractor.

Early information shows that the Truston 4 × 2 is powered by the WP13.480E63 Euro6 Diesel engine (Powered by Weichai). The chassis is made on a 9 mm profile, the front axles – 7.5 t, the rear axles – 13 t, the tank has 600 l, and the braking system is defined by Wabco technology. Optionally, the product can be configured with automatic transmission, AMT (Automatic Mechanic Transmission) transmission or manual transmission. Other features that the manufacturer can additionally mount are PTO, retarder, auxiliary heating system, stationary air conditioning system and an aerodynamic kit.

“The Truston 4 × 2 tractor head came as a response to the market demand, suitable for the construction, special goods and general goods transport segment. Our experience has been consolidated with the production and marketing of the first Truston products very well assimilated in the market and here we needed less than two years to come up with a new product. The first 4 × 2 high roof tractor has left the production line and enters the testing process for approval. We will keep you updated “, concluded Lucian Varga.

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