The little bird announces the sale of the house, the father’s treatment, the husband is very sick after breathing.

Uraiporn Live Live announces the sale of houses in Tong Ha Treatment of illnesses, father tube, husband, life partner, breath.

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On January 14, 2021 Little Bird Head of Mor Lam, Isaan Live Sound Board, opened up after another big storm caused by COVID poisoning. Revealing the symptoms of a very sick father, admitted to the ICU Ready to sell houses in Tong Five To cure husband sickness And continue the breath of Isaan sound to become a legend

Mae Nok Noi opened her mind that after spending almost a month That father tube is sick After the concert last year Dad did not go with the band. Because the illness is not comfortable with traveling This time, it was an open-minded speech. Press conference for Mor Lam sound fans of Isaan to be informed.

From October ’20 until the beginning of December, there is a second round of COVID news. We used to say that we will bring the sound of the band to the end. When COVID came back for the second round, he was discouraged to keep following the situation. COVID spread throughout the province. Our hope At the end of January I think we should perform But now knowing the fate of life to the end of February, let’s continue to hope Will show or get unemployed for a long time

Symptoms of the father tube are persistent, had diabetes 4-5 years ago, had cancer, cut off the spleen during the second cycle of unemployment. The two of us have mourned. Jobs have more than 100 queues. Postponed because of COVID The host did not dare to organize the event. Different people take responsibility for society. Can’t host outdoor events Selling tickets online as a last resort To prolong the breath of the Isaan family

Father Tub is afraid that if going to the doctor will compete for the expenses of the band Taking the breath away from the child from the wife from the Mother Nok Organization said that We now live, sing and pin an account for the fans. Considerate to help

Account number on screen Because now my father is in the ICU room, do not visit if he is allowed to enter the hospital. Where does the mother get the money? No work, there is no expense in the organization, there are other expenses, debts. It all hurts.

A partner who is seriously ill must have money to maintain You can’t today Previously told you Mom will live live, request garlands online You said no Dad won’t go to the doctor if he does. Music fans will be cursing. Continued that drama Dad didn’t want it to be like that. But today he was seriously injured in the hospital. With a strong heart and strength until today Today, the mother bird lives live Requesting permission for fans to be listed on Mother Nok’s account That father did not go to the doctor Dad has the same expenses per month. His narratives emphasize our repentance that it is ours. With his stubborn voice Isaan legs came up. At that time, the father asked her mother to disband the Isan sound band.

There was no reason to disband. Mor Lam’s boyfriend hired for 3-4 years but Father Lamp used the word should hang unambiguously. And dominate the championship gracefully. As of today, the FC Some people think that the sound of Isaan is down, but the condition of the COVID economy has many problems. Accumulated debt Today, father tube is sick. Before entering the hospital, my father said that he did not give live streams, did not ask for online mourning. If mom does that Father will not go to the doctor, no need treatment, will die, but having to go to the hospital today Because not really

There was a big father, a tube with a large bird, a sound of Isaan. It is a legend of Mor Lam for children to inherit. Before he did not fall, did not fall. Yesterday, still conscious, talked to his mother and discussed with each other and asked if the father did not let the little bird live. If you don’t have to do that Add account number If the FC who is beside Will transfer only Up to the spirit

But the father concluded that he would accept to enter the hospital. If mother would hold back Isan sound Save father’s life Mom has to come out live House for sale in Tong Five Because there is a debt burden Both internal and informal financial institutions and life-to-breath partners for their children. Let Isan’s Sound Last After Covid Ends

The truth of human life is dead, unable to carry any treasure. Image not created In many lives with my mother The house does not need to rent. Rice do not need to buy Mor Lam has no work today. Some people work outside. To wait for the day of the concert

Announcement of Little Bird Consulted with father tube already Agree to sell the five houses. In order to maintain the sound of Isaan And it plays a part in your father’s breath as well If the FC still understands And sympathize with the couple who make up the mother bird Isaan sound creator For music fans to have fun and enjoyment with Mor Lam

How did Grandma Nok arrive today? Money, if we do not find more Would surely have an end To support the sound of Isaan and Father Lamp to create a cultural learning center For children to continue to learn if possible. I want to be a tourist attraction in Udon Province because the five big houses are called a mansion before the house is built. Want a mansion Declaring the dignity of Mor Lam Derived from hard work, not deceitful, the dignity of the Isaan people

Little Nok announces the sale of houses in Tong Ha Yeah, Isaan sound persists, doesn’t close the Isaan sound legend Lose five houses To breathe many children in the organization Life has to fight, struggle, not drama, ask for understanding from FC Thank you for all your care Every encouragement sent in

When the mother bird was young, his father asked if What do you want to build a big house for? Children don’t have a family. The land belongs to Grandfather Khun Dej. To live as Xiao with father tube Light the incense and tell grandfather that If you want the sound of Isaan to remain, not disband the house, Tong Ha In order to preserve the Isaan sound legend

I used to think that before I died We will present a house of Tong Ha to the temple. But the world is not as beautiful as you think Cruel dream Cruel time of COVID Told to creditors Financial institution Mother will do anything to return and pay. To the breath of the children

Mom and Dad are always conscious of having no fans. There was no sound of Isaan, no small birds, pioneered for future generations to inherit. Grateful to the fans That always sends encouragement to the mother bird

The mother bird will do her best today and the next day. As long as Papa Vha was breathing, he was seriously ill. This wish the little bird wants to repay the debt. And treatment costs Fortunately, Mae Nok was born 64 years ago, has never fallen, has never entered the hospital. Pay homage to Kanlayan Mir, the music fans Because he is important to Isan sound

Thanks for coming Isan the sound of the little bird Uraiporn

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