The leader of Olympics married his daughter: Look how it suited Eliška

The singer’s daughter Eliška married in the presence of about seventy guests. The bride looked fabulous in a romantic dress by Tereza Sabáčková. “It really suited Eliška. She looked really beautiful. She is tall, her husband Petr is also tall, so they fit together very well, “said Widow.

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“I have never experienced such beauty,” admitted Bleska to the leader of the Olympic group, who also performed at the wedding. “I played them, sang, my daughter Marta too, people danced, children fooled, it was a beautiful day,” the singer confided. There was a French menu for lunch, the entertainment lasted until early in the morning and there were also fireworks.

On the day of the party, Janda became hot and remembered the birth of her daughter. “When Eliška was born, I told her mother Martina that I would like to accompany her at least to the prom, because I was no longer the youngest,” the singer said in a speech after the ceremony. “And I even had a wedding. I would like to do the same with other daughters Rozárka (8) and Anežka (10), “added the leader of Olympika.

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