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The law student who slept in her car in Draguignan has finally found accommodation

“C‘It is made! I managed to find accommodation! I signed the lease this weekend “Sonia A. struggles to hide her joy and relief.

In our edition on September 24th he talked about his obstacle course in this new academic year. Belatedly accepted to a master’s degree course in law at the faculty of Draguignan, the student, a fellow, had no accommodation options.

While waiting for the elaboration of her application to obtain a study in the student residence managed by the Saiem de construction de Draguignan, the young woman had to sleep at night in her car, an old city car from the 2000s with many kilometers.

I also saw wild boars go by.

In Lorgues, Les Arcs or Draguignan, the young woman tried to sleep in quiet places, with towels on the windows for a semblance of privacy. “I couldn’t feel safe, so I slept in the driver’s seat, waking up every minute scared and frozen.”, she said. “I also saw wild boars go by.

The following days, Sonia still doesn’t see a solution to her problem. “I then slept near Draguignan but was annoyed by a homeless alcoholic who knocked on the window “, remember.

An unfortunate experience that is now only a distant memory.

“Initially, the Saiem had committed to assigning me accommodation”says the young woman. “In the meantime, the Student House provided me with a list of landlords to contact who had left their contact details at home to offer private accommodation to the students.”

Contact one of them whose apartment is located in the city center.

“I will be able to study peacefully.

After a visit, the young woman accepts. “He had read the article and did everything to make my life easier and that I moved as quickly as possible”explains. “It’s fantastic, it’s a real relief, I’ll be able to study in peace.”

From now on, the young woman will be able to focus on her studies and their financing. “ I am actively looking for a job to be able to finance all this, on the sidelines of my studies and thus get out of precariousness“, She warns full of life.

“I would like to thank all those who have mobilized for me, the Student House and the faculty for their support and support in this ordeal”concludes.

Following the article, on 24 September dozens of people from the Var contacted the editorial staff of Var-Morning to help Sonia.

Solidarity is not entirely dead.

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