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Expected to be on sale in 2021, SNK’s latest KOF series “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV(拳皇15)》(Hereinafter referred to as: KOF XV)
In “First Official Reveal: KOF XV & SAMURAI SPIRITS” released on January 8, 2021 (Friday), not only the character trailer of KOF XV is revealed, but also the appearance of the game is revealed, and fans all over the world can see it. Uplifting.

And, it appeared at the end of the super flamboyant character trailer where the characters came in randomly「Tune in next week for more info!」That is, there will be new information next week!
While looking forward to the new information, the official finallyThe latest preview of KOF XV will be released on January 14, 2021 (Thursday)!

The official trailer of KOF XV is finally released! Released in 2021!

KOF XV protagonist “Shun’ei (SHUN’EI)” video released!

The public character preview this time isIntroduction video of the protagonist “SHUN’EI” of KOF XV
The character seiyuu is a continuation of the previous KOF XIVTakashi Oharateacher!
“SHUN’EI” debuted in KOF XIV. At that time, it was still in the vacillating position between the protagonist and the supporting role.ProtagonistAppearance!
If you want to know what kind of character it is, you can play and see this one. The download version has been released and contains all the DLC characters.KOF XIV ULTIMATE EDITION“, you can know!
《KOF XIV ULTIMATE EDITION》在PlayStation Store TaiwanversusPlayStation Store Hong KongOn sale now!


At the end of the trailer appeared again “Tune in next week for more info!」!

Tune in next week for more info!
Tune in next week for more info!
KOF XV | SHUN’EI | Character Trailer # 1 (4K)

There will be a new character preview next week! Personally think it is “Ksanakyo”, but the result will be! ?
Let us wait for the release of new information!


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