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The Latest Conditions for 6 Countries That Are Free Of Masks But The Corona Is Rising Again


Several countries in the world have previously been reported to have lifted mandatory masks and relaxed social restrictions. These countries think they can control the epidemic COVID-19 by looking at the daily low case data.

However, after some time passed, the world experienced another spike in cases COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the Delta variant, which is highly contagious and has now been detected in 111 countries.

What about the condition of a country that is free of masks? The following is a summary as quoted from the BBC on Thursday (15/7/2021):

1. Israel

Israel is one country that can quickly expand its COVID-19 vaccination coverage to more than half of its population. In February Israel began to relax its restrictive policies and in mid-June people stopped wearing masks.

Until then the Delta variant appeared and COVID-19 cases increased again. Israel recorded its highest case in four months on Tuesday (13/7/2021), with 754 new cases.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has finally re-implemented a policy of restrictions, including the mandatory wearing of masks.

2. Holland

The Netherlands is reported to have begun easing its restrictive policies at the end of June 2021. Masks were abandoned and youths were encouraged to leave their homes.

Since then COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands have skyrocketed, reaching their highest level since December last year. Due to the heavy criticism, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte finally apologized and re-implemented a policy of restrictions.

“What we thought could be done, turned out not to be done,” said Mark.

3. South Korea

South Korea (South Korea) is one of the first countries in Asia that is considered successful in controlling the pandemic. In June South Korea announced that people who had been vaccinated would no longer be required to wear masks and could congregate.

South Korea is now facing the worst spike in COVID-19 cases ever. South Korea recorded the highest new daily case record throughout the pandemic, namely 1,615 on Thursday (14/7/2021).

Finally the government re-imposed restrictions. In the capital city of Seoul, people are prohibited from having face-to-face contact with more than one person from 6pm onwards.

4. Sweden

Sweden from the start of the pandemic has relied more on the volunteerism of its citizens to implement preventive measures. The government only regulates the opening hours of certain places and the number of people in the room, such as restaurants.

Restrictions in Sweden are reported to have started to loosen on July 1. The restaurant has no longer regulated opening hours and more than 3,000 spectators have been allowed to watch the match at the stadium.

Current case COVID-19 in Sweden is still stable, even tends to decrease. It’s just that the government stipulates a mandatory test for all immigrants who enter from abroad because of concerns about the Delta variant.

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