THE LAST MINUTE OF AMAZING ATTACK! The prisoner on leave from prison, was shot in the head!

DiyarbakirThe prisoner Şeyhmus Kızıl, who was released on leave from prison, spent the previous night at his sister’s house in Mesopotamia.

Kizil, yesterday morning, leaving her sister’s house, in front of the site, 10 years ago, the brother of the person who killed B.Y., was shot in the head by a gun. Red, as the blood collapsed, B.Y. escaped from the scene.


According to the news of the surrounding DHA’daki health officials from the scene of the notice, Kizil took an ambulance to the hospital. Kizil’s life-threatening treatment was stated.


Reflected on the site’s security camera, the police launched an investigation into the attack. Police investigating the scene, the security camera records to examine, B.Y. escaped, began work to capture. Images of the attacker, Şeyhmus Kızıl’a gun pointed at the site, fired and immediately after the moments took place.

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