The Largest 3D Cosmic Map Has Successfully Revealed Details Of The Universe

The largest 3D cosmic map created by scientists in the process of research. The 3D cosmic displays more than 7.5 million galaxies in the Solar System.

Scientists took a long time to make this map. Long research with maximum effort allowed them to successfully release this spectacular map.

According to the latest update, this map project has managed to capture more than 7 million galaxies.

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Biggest 3D Cosmic Map Launch

You all must have used a map. A map is a picture of the Earth’s surface that is implemented on a paper or system.

There are many different types of maps. You may use a roadmap most often.

However, rarely does anyone know that there is a map called the cosmos. The contents of the cosmos map are detailed descriptions of the existing universe.

In just 7 months, a large team of scientists working with the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument managed to map out a bigger picture of the cosmos.

The cosmic picture or cosmic map has the name DESI. This largest 3D cosmic map shows a spectacular cosmic view of more than 7.5 million galaxies.

It has been 5 years since the DESI was made. Research that takes place really must be accurate.

This research is under the US Department of Energy and installed at Nicholas University. The tool they used was a 4-meter telescope atop the National Observatory of Tuscon, Arizona.

The telescope can measure the exact distance of a galaxy from Earth through the wavelength of light.

Until now, data that can be processed automatically has reached as many as 100,000 galaxies overnight.

“It’s been a fantastic experience, we can keep going in the midst of a pandemic. In the past, we were locked down for several months until we were finally able to adapt again,” said Julien Guy, one of the researchers.

Guy also added that the aim of the project is to accurately measure the acceleration of expansion in the Solar System. They hope that DESI will be a sign of great progress in human science.

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How to Take DESI Pictures

In taking the largest 3D cosmic map, the researchers used a giant telescope. Inside the telescope there are more than 500 small robots.

In each of these robots there are also 5000 other robots that are the size of a pencil. The robots make the telescope able to capture objects with accuracy, even less than 10 microns.

At the bottom of the telescope is the DESI spectrograph. The spectrograph is useful for breaking the light in each galaxy into a spectrum that is colorful like a rainbow.

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That’s what allows researchers to clearly see the structure of galaxies that are predicted to be at a distance of 10 billion light years from Earth.

The plan, the largest 3D cosmic map will be released in 2023 along with NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman telescope. Both will be the most powerful galactic measuring instruments in history. (R10/HR-Online)

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